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You can find a myriad of things that must be viewed as when aiming to recognize winners in greyhound https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/?search=스포츠중계 racing. For clarity I'll split them down into sub-sections.


The Draw

This is actually the to start with thought. What we signify by draw could be the traps the greyhounds run from. The racing supervisor or handicapper would be the individual that decides, dependant on past performances, the trap from which a greyhound will start off.

Has they bought it correct and may the greyhound get a transparent run?

Discovering The Chief

It goes without the need of declaring that if we can find the leader we've been half approach to backing a winner. Evaluate the break up times of your runners. Consider the overall degree of early-velocity. Dont be hoodwinked by just one rapid sectional established versus Many others that are MLB중계 - 버튼티비 continuously slower.

The Class

This is actually the racing professionals estimation of any certain greyhounds course at any certain time.

A normal grading system can be to present a prefix for a selected distance, for instance, a 475 metres race at Walthamstow has an A prefix and 640 metres an S prefix. The letter is accompanied by a range which supplies the grade, or course, of the race. An A9 function would be the bottom, As an example and an A1 the highest.

Greyhounds will move within just these parameters dependant upon their performances. As they achieve this it'll grow to be evident that some greyhound usually earn at certain concentrations.

Following a stretch of time they'll settle into a sample of normal competing with two or thre grades (eg A1-A3). You are going to see puppies successful frequently a one amount but having difficulties when upped at school.


Bitches coming back from seasonal relaxation most normally tumble into this class.

They typically return to their greatest form at all over sixteen-twenty weeks soon after going into season, the date of that's revealed clearly to the race card.

Due to a period of inactivity a result of season bitch return to racing at a reduced amount (eg an A1 performer may possibly return in an A5).

An effective punter will identify any time a bitch is probably going to return to her very best and invest accordingly.


Be careful for dogs working over a distance that's clearly Incorrect for them. It might become a Puppy staying strongly about say 475 metres at Walthamstow. She or he may effectively be value an financial investment when presented a race around say 640 metres.

About the flip side, a Puppy not obtaining household about 640 metres may effectively fork out dividends to stick to above 475 metres.